Introducing Cora

Funny, Witty and Pretty 

Years of experience making gentlemen feel seen. Be the centre of my attention, even if only for one evening, and you’ll see why I’m still one of the most sought after companions of the demi monde. 


The Story of Cora

Nomad and seeker of experience 

A classically beautiful blonde, born in the UK but essentially a nomad - a citizen of the world occasionally frustrated by the increased annoyances of travel! .

Based in sunny Sydney for the foreseeable future, although my passport is still active for regular trips between Asian and European cities.

I’m well set up these days, and dabbling in this twilight world still for the thrill - searching for connections with a small number of gentlemen who want their minds to be as stimulated as their bodies. 

Do you want to leave the company of a woman enriched by the sensory experience of discussion, debate, laughs, exchanges of knowledge and sensual overload? I love to talk about a number of topics, my favourites being movies, politics, travel of course, and life in general! I’m told I’m witty and funny and adept at making people I meet feel comfortable quickly.

I’m a woman of many parts put together in a mature and sensually charged package. I bestow my charms on few, not many, preferring quality time spent with an equal that might lead to memorable fireworks. 
I give preference to a longer lunch or dinner date to get to know each other and break the ice, although for the busy executive my minimum two hour booking can be arranged. If you like a mature woman still glowing with sex appeal, full of humour and love of life, get in touch!


Get in touch when you have a day, time and date preference in mind. Let’s make it happen! 
Please include your full name, information I can use for screening like a LinkedIn profile and a bit about yourself so I know what sort of man you are. 


Two stolen hours 

A meeting any shorter simply wouldn’t do! Let’s get to know each other, if only for a moment.
AUD:  $1200     SGD:  $1200.  GBP:  £800. INR 65,000


Three hours - A tryst - cocktails maybe

Three hours together is enough time to break the ice with a drink and fun conversation. Light lunch perhaps? One hour of social time 
AUD:  $1600  SGD:  $1600. GBP:  £950   INR 80,000


Dinner date 

I love a leisurely dinner date. In this Tinder age it feels almost decadent to take a woman to dinner and seduce her after - no? Two hours of social time. 
AUD:  $1800  SGD:  $1800. GBP:  £1200.  INR 95,000


Overnight - the long good night 

14 hours to meet, eat, drink, be merry and lie together until breakfast beckons and a day begins anew. 
AUD:  $3600. SGD:  $3700 GBP:. £2000.  INR 180,000

All dates will require screening information for my safety, and a 25% deposit to secure the time. Cancellations up to 48 hours before the date will receive a full refund or change of date. Within 48 hours of the date the deposit is non refundable. 



Read for yourself what might lie ahead.


‘Cora is quite the character. Funny, smart and having had so many interesting experiences, always ready with a tale to enthral. Confidence in her own worth and the life she’s lived makes her sexy as hell too. The time flew by and I can’t wait to meet again.


What a fun lunch! At the restaurant attention was all on our table because of the noise of our laughter and in the hotel after all attention was on me - couldn’t have been happier! 


As a mature gent I have no interest in being seen out with a twenty something, but a beautiful forty something? That’s a different story. Cora could match me any day for life experience- she just looks better on it!